5 Recruiting Stories We Only Wish Were April Fools’ Jokes

As recruiters, we have our fair share of funny stories from our experiences in recruiting and what better time than April Fools’ Day to share them. Although none of these stories happened anywhere near April, or at least to our recollection, they did have us wishing they were April Fools’ jokes.

The Bay Area’s Top 5 In-Demand Accounting and Finance Consulting Skills of 2018

Do you work as a consultant? Have you considered exploring a career in consulting? Becoming a career consultant can be a lucrative career path for those who have refined their technical skill sets over the years. Not only do you remove yourself from the politics of the 9-to-5 workday, but you also gain flexibility and have the option to work on a variety of different engagements which results in developing new skill sets and experience to add to your resume.