5 Recruiting Stories We Only Wish Were April Fools’ Jokes

As recruiters, we have our fair share of funny stories from our experiences in recruiting and what better time than April Fools’ Day to share them. Although none of these stories happened anywhere near April, or at least to our recollection, they did have us wishing they were April Fools’ jokes.

When Leaders Should Let the Team Lead

Do you ever feel as though your team is struggling to realize its full potential? Sometimes it's time to take a step back and empower your players. Here's a lesson in leadership from the Steve Kerr, Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors.

A Hiring Manager’s Guide to ‘Finding The One’

5 things to Look For and Avoid in an External Recruiting Partner By: Ryan Tweedy, Partner, DeWinter Technology Finding the right external recruiting partner can be challenging. Some hiring managers and internal recruiters may decide to avoid it at all costs, unless there’s no other option. Alternatively, if you do work with external recruiters, you […]